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Where The World Begins


such a fantastic album - the best he's made to date - so lucious and gentle and warm - tugs at the heart-strings.,,stay calm is an anthem for our times - I'm so touched by the songs and the sounds – beautiful!” - Donal Scanell, Director Ireland In Music & Tradfest TV.

Right from the start of Le Village Pop, we were saying loud and clear that Cormac O Caoimh was one of the greatest melodists in the history of pop music ... The arrival of his sixth album, Where The World Begins, will only confirm this, but now it's time to simply praise the greatness of his songwriting ... this album continues to bring home to the world the miracle of creation with the sweetest, most enlightening pop songs imaginable. And even if melancholy often lurks in the world of Cormac O Caoimh, it will be said that the light will always be close at hand... .. And "A Good Place For you" is without doubt the most beautiful song of the year ... A place for everyone, we still dare to believe ... Enjoy !” - Le Village Pop

I just feel this is his most personal & cohesive work so far. So many people will identify with the writing even if it doesn’t exactly mirror their own situation.. We all have something going on in the background that causes us concern… the songs are thought provoking & soothing at the same time. Definitely his finest work so far” - Noel Casey Dublin City Fm 

Cormac's new album is an absolutely powerful piece of work. I'm honoured to be playing on it but it's the songs that are so compelling and important. It's beautiful, heart breaking, shocking, hopeful, life-affirming and everything in between all those. It's enlightening in every way and it's one of the most brilliant things I've ever heard - Martin Leahy 

I played 6 tracks from Cormac's new album because its great ..next Monday I'll do it again..such a rich depth of storytelling in the work, inspiring stuff as always!" -Dermot Lambert 2Xm

He is a great writer..He is very fine. He really is..There isn't a bad track on it. Absolutley brilliant

-Marty Whelan Lyric fm

it's a f**cking cracker - Pete Holidai Trouble Pilgrims/Dublin city fm

What Pete said- Bren Lynott Trouble Pilgrims/Dublin city fm

This new album is Cormac O Caoimh's sixth and we dare say that it is his best work to date - Rootstime.be

`Where The World Begins` is a challenging but ultimately rewarding listen and reflects some brutally honest inner thoughts and fears. `Where The World Begins` has emotions that move from helplessness and vulnerability to realise a real upbeat and optimistic conclusion. 9/10 – Maximum Volume

Cormac O Caoimh‘s ‘Where The World Begins‘ is a hugely personal album,

some full of heartbreak, others full of joy.Atmospheric and, at times, dreamlike, striking a chord with anyone who shares his experience and hopefully opening the hearts and minds of those who don’t. 

Where The World Begins” is deeply personal and quite wonderful. - Folk Radio UK

In line with its beautiful predecessors” - Music That Needs Attention

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Cormac O Caoimh uses

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