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Where The World Begins


This page might be updated with reviews and quotes about this album..until then..here are some quotes about the last one

“an absolute triumph” - Bayview Sounds

“one of the greatest living melodist” - Le Village Pop

“ one of the most engaging voices in modern pop/folk today” - Leonard's Laid

“A stunning work .Sublime indie folk/pop songs - Eclectic Music Love

“ a charming, thought provoking, acoustic masterpiece. “ - Into The MelodY

“Cork minstrel's most accomplished yet - sweet, subtle pop for grown ups” - Americana UK

“ extremely infectious...an assortment of fine songs with interesting, contemplative and quirky lyrics shared against a backdrop of captivating tunes” - Maximum Volume

“Cormac O Caoimh's latest album "Swim Crawl, Walk, Run" is just gorgeous.”- Elmarie Mawe 96fm

“Irish singer-songwriter lifts our spirits with this bright and wistful folk-pop groove” - Mystic Sons

“Upbeat and heartfelt . effervescent” - Atwood Magazine

O Caoimh has “found a niche of his own somewhere between folk and pop music” - folkworold.eu

“worth the wait” - Beehive Candy

O Caoimh compares “favourably to the more introspective folk-pop artists like Badly Drawn Boy and Paul Simon.. Swim Crawl Walk Run really flies by and the arrangements always grab the attention” - Folking.com

The green one

The blue one

The brown one


Cormac O Caoimh uses

RedBear Picks, Godin Guitars, Schertler amps & Logjam Stompers